Candidate for Mayor Doris Gentry Racism is Serious

Doris Gentry denies a relationship with the proud boys. Let’s take her at her word that she does not have a relationship. Let’s take her at her word she was unaware that the individuals at her fundraiser that she was photographed with and filmed with are not “associates of hers nor in her rolladex.”

But Doris will you admit then that you WERE until yesterday connected as a Facebook friend to Ben, a known proud boy who has made the press repeatedly as a Proud Boy using intimidation practices? “

-“Proud Boys show up at politician’s house to protest coronavirus lockdown” The incident occurred just after 4pm, when the group of approximately 15 men—led by self-identified Proud Boy and Frontline America host Ben Bergquam—came to Arias’ home…. Bergquam later told ABC 30 Action News that they went “looking for answers” over the city remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the men can be seen in video from before and during the confrontation wearing Trump or MAGA clothing and accessories.”

Doris will you admit ,that yes, Ben Bergquam did film your speech at your campaign kickoff, has supported you and you have been elected photographed with him?

Doris just be honest and say YES you have met him, yes he filmed my campaign launch, yes, you were photographed with him.

Yes it was an error in judgment to have been affiliated with him.

Yes, I Doris Gentry will do a public reconciliation of ALL campaign funds secured during the event he participated in at the launch of my campaign for mayor.

To demonstrate my commitment to diversity of Napa, I Doris Gentry will donate an equal amount of those funds 1/2 to Black Lives Matter and 1/2 to the United Negro College Fund. I Doris Gentry will post a cleared check online with an apology for any affiliation with any Proud Boys sympathizers or participants during my campaign.

Doris, you can learn from the video below and learn from your mistake?

Admit you are not a racist, we all want to believe in your heart you are not a racist or homophobic, but exercised poor judgement in your response around the relationship with Ben and your campaign and finally put this messiness to bed?

Or will you continue to proclaim you are a victim and misunderstood and people are just being “mean and being racist to you?” (Your words)

Doris people want to believe in you step up, show the courage to denounce a loose affiliation and step up the the challenge.

Critics will criticize on the right but they will still support you as they are now too invested in you not to…

The ethical ball is now in your court.

Block those who stand on the side of ethical dialog? That’s easy block your questioners and hope they go away….”

or admit an error in affiliation occurred, make amends, donate the campaign funds, apologize for misleading comments and move forward…

Created for my friend Chris on this one as this is dedicated to you and your friends that want a mayor that represents all the diversity that is Napa. Keep the candle burning get out the vote.

Reprinted as originally created and posted on Facebook with permission from James Baldwin


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