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Chris Edwards New Mexico Best selling Author and Executive Coach. Fitness, Sports History, Healthy Life Balance make up our core values.. We focus on physical, mental and spiritual fitness for a healthy lifestyle. We provide tips an offer A Social Perspective, Philosophy and participate in Political Activism for societal change as a Writer, Businessman, Lover of Life Experiences, Ambassador and Proponent of the Cultural Arts, Advocate In Exploring The Best In Humanity and the Celebration of Life Experience.

Author of the Coach Robert Sepulveda Book Series and the 90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle 2 Hours Unplugged series offered at fine independent book sellers and on amazon.com.


Chris Edwards – Author, Business Executive, Political Strategist, Display Artist & Executive Coach

Chris Edwards – Author/Business Executive & Executive Coach was born in Shawneetown, Illinois and lived for several decades in the western United States.
He is a recognized proponent of the cultural arts, a strong and at times controversial business leader and a political activist for equality in human rights, the rights of POC and LBGTQ+ causes. He has traveled to 46 countries and enjoys the diversity of cultures. Chris Edwards has led divisions of large companies, assisted with the growthand support of social enterprises and served on boards of several non-profits. [1] [2]

As an author he gained recognition for his 90 Days to a Glass Half full Book Series, a self help series inspired by his relationship with incarcerated individuals after a brief period in Federal Custody for Tax Evasion. He is also recognized for the work he did with formerly incarcerated individuals and the success of a re-entry into employment program into creating retail professionals. [3]

Public Life:
Author & Activist Chris Edwards was involved in and raised over $1 million dollars over a decade for local charities, including AIDS Charities. Chris Edwards assisted in teaching an African delegation visiting and others of programs via the non-profit he was on the board of.[4]

Chris Edwards for over a decade led as a co-chairperson the much acclaimed NV AIDS Walk and The NV Academy Awards Viewing Gala’s as fundraiser for HIV/AIDS Case Management, migrant health testing and youth outreach. [5] [6]

Chris Edwards was the first openly gay candidate to run for a public office at a time when gays were shielded or closeted in the conservative bedroom community of San Francisco. [7]

These the elections in which Edwards participated were combative at times, with threats of blackouts and stifled speech of his locally hosted television show, Wine Country Happenings. His show was broadcast weekly on Cable Channel 28 and controversies over hosted forums also transpired. [8] [9]

As a political candidate Chris Edwards campaigned like no other candidate in hitting the road door to door, starting earlier than others and working at forums at the local community college with state office holders, green party candidates and others. [10]
Chris Edwards had a strong following and was endorsed by the local newspaper Editorial Board. [11] [12]

Chris Edwards did not win the 2 elections participated in. With several establishment endorsements and out fundraising competitors he established the dialog and the blueprint for future races. Several of his extensive position papers were championed by the victor of the races and drafted into public policy. As such his competitors recognized Chris Edwards for his political acumen and skill in understanding and drafting public policy. Chris Edwards was recognized for bringing technology to local politics by being the first candidate with a comprehensive website that was interactive with blogs, videos and engaging position discussions, detailed positions and for bringing a level of professionalism to the policy debate.[13] [14] [15] [16]

Chris continued as an activist role in political circles, and as a businessman and an author. Chris Edwards has also very involved in community growth of the rights of BIPOC and the LBGTQ community. At times, he continues to drive controversy and dialog, yet has a track record of driving results politically.

He campaigned hard against the California Proposition 8 Campaign that would have barred gay marriages by creating a website that identified contributors against gay marriage. The site, launched in November 2008 by local gay rights activist & author Chris Edwards, listed every Napa County resident and business that reportedly donated to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California, and was narrowly approved by voters in November. Eventually, it was ruled unconstitutional, and Gay marriage was established by the US Supreme Court as a fundamental right. [17] [18]

During the most recent 2020 election he aligned with 2 organizations, one called Bye, Bye Doris and another call Stop Napa Hate in order to ensure a far right wing candidate that had brought the Proud Boys and other radical groups into Napa was not elected. In partnership with the Anti-Hate Group, Chris Edwards did deep opposition research and created a series of informational videos and press stories that exposed the lies and hypocrisy of the candidate in question. The organizations were instrumental in exposing the flaws of the candidate, the candidates alliance with the Proud Boys of which she hosted at her launch party and other extremist, racist and homophobic stances.

Professional Author

Chris Edwards has gone forward in recent years to focus on writing, lecturing and mentoring consistent with lessons learned from his sense of community service and his lessons from federal detention for tax evasion. He witnessed first hand the inequity of the criminal justice system and its discrimination against those economically challenged, BIPOC and the LBGTQ and the dangers each are placed in a system without safeguards and reform.
He has written a series of self help books to include 90 Days To A Glass Half Full Lifestyle: The Power of Positive Daily Affirmations 2 Hours Unplugged: Unplug & Reconnect: The Next 90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle, Get Fuc-ing Real, Get Right!: Harsh Motivation for a Rough & Tough World (90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle) [19]

Continuing his activism to assist those coming from incarceration paired with his political activism he published Removing Barriers to State Occupational Licenses To Enhance Entrepreneurial Job Growth:: Out of Prison, Out of Work [20]

More recently Author, Chris Edwards has partnered with Coach, Artist and co-Author Rene Sepulveda on a series of athletics focused books. The first series centers around the 112 year history of the New Mexico state interscholastic track and field program and expands into the history of track and field and football at Alamogordo High School in Southern New Mexico. The series tackles conversations about integration of highschool athletics, Title IX in girls sports and showcases Coach Robert Sepulveda the winningest Track & Field Coach in New Mexico history during the 90s. The series centers on him as a central character witnessing decades of change in prep sports. [21] [22] [23] [24]

The community school board named the local track and field after Coach Robert Sepulveda in response to his years of Athletics excellence as the central figure in this series of books authored by Chris Edwards and coauthor Rene Sepulveda. [25] [26]


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