Scarecrow Art made of Tree Roots Tree Root Art “Scarerootcrow” A selection crafted by Author, Fitness Coach & Artist Rene Sepulveda

Rene Sepulveda Artist, Rene Sepulveda Author & NCAA Award Winning Coach & Rehabilitaive Fitness Coach is one of a handfull of artist around the world that crafts authentic natural works of art out of tree roots. Design ideas recycling dead tree roots look creative and surprising. Artworks made of tree roots personalize yard landscaping and in home wall decor. Stimulating a playful atmosphere in beautiful gardens and in home decor Rene Sepulveda root art is unique and inspirational.

Scarerootcrow 2020 is a Halloween phenomenon showcased at 2nd Life Gallery at Roadrunner Emporium 928 New York Avenue Alamogordo New Mexico.

Tree Root Art is a unique natural use of nature and incorporating its elements into creations of art. The most famous and largest root garden is located in the UK and is owned by Prince Charles. Tree Root Art is one of the oldest artforms in the world with roots dating to a form of the Indigenous arts. Few artists in the world practice this form of art creation and works sell for thousands of dollars. A small root art piece of 12 inches typically sells on auction sites for a few hundred dollars. Large commissioned pieces of 4 to 5 feet in size sell for thousands of dollars as no two pieces are ever exactly the same due to their natural root component.

Some of the most recognized tree root artists are found in the remote regions of Nepal and in Indigenous communities around the world. Author, Artist and Fitness Coach Rene Sepulveda brings a unique blend of color to his root art creations.

The showcased piece above is a whimsical haunting creation commissioned as a celebration of the spooky scarecrow in a hauntingly crafted creation just in time for Halloween 2020.

An accompanied video displaying the haunting nature of this work of art demontrates its beauty but an ominous view of the spiritual world for Halloween Haunts.




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