Free Download Kindle or E-Book Format 9/14/2020 Only 2 Hours Unplugged: Unplug and Reconnect

From the Author: Chris Edwards

This book was the second in a series of the result of my working for 3 years with a non-profit and working with a group of very committed women and men that were recovering from addiction, coming out of incarceration and just needing hope, inspiration, confidence and a 2nd chance at a new life. Each showed me the best in humanity in their attempt to start over. The mentoring opportunity with these individuals was life changing. Having prior to this timeframe worked as an executive with a Fortune 500 company in the luxury goods world and then myself, going from having the world in my hand to loosing everything and bouncing back again, I found that these individuals taught me as much if not more than I taught them about life balance. This book is dedicated to the thousands of individuals that need a second chance and someone to believe in them bouncing back from homelessness, incarceration or drug addiction. We live in a world where people are judged, institutional obstacles and prejudices prevent second chances, however I believe everyone deserves those opportunities.  This book is dedicated to providing them that opportunity and is a partial roadmap of believing in oneself to get there. Priced so anyone can afford it, as the power of self-love and affirmation is of more value than all the riches of the land. Enjoy and believe in yourself each and every day. Every day is a new day with blue skies. Smile even though it hurts, sometimes smile. We all look so much better when we smile. Everyday is a new day for a little sunshine. Today is a new day, find the love and joy to move forward. Smile for me, smile for you. Smile for the love within yourself. Read more


Review “Smart dialog, a plan to move forward along with an affirmation plan to drive you happiness during these dark days; 2 Hours Unplugged Unplug and reconnect follows the formula that Authors Chris Edwards and Rene Sepulveda utilized when they together crafted the book series Coach Robert Louis Sepulveda: The Early Days. During these dark and down days  due to political unrest and the public health issues; this book is a refreshing look at the positive with detailed research and great inspirational stories. This book crafted alone by author Chris Edwards, follows the similar formula of the collaborative works that Rene Sepulveda and Chris Edwards have developed of telling a story that inspires and teaches lessons among the pages. Similar to their collaborative work Coach Sepulveda which rekindled my belief in the athletes and the coaches that make up interscholastic sports.  This book set out a plan to put 2 quality hours back into ones life and reacquaint oneself with self and family. Buy this book to learn and gain back a sense of self” – James Anderson, The Rushed North American Independent 

About the Authors of 2nd Life Media Chris Edwards & Rene Sepulveda

Executive Coach, Essayist & Author  Chris Edwards: Chris is recognized as a mentor in teaching those around him the skills of positive self-esteem and business success. Chris’s releases have ranked in the Amazon top 100 in “Self Esteem Self Help” and in “Self Help Short Reads”. Chris’s releases include 90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle and 2 Hours Unplugged: Unplug & Reconnect which launched as a #1 New Release on Amazon in the “Information Theory” Category containing books on technology and their impact to quality of life. Chris’s collaborative series with Author Rene Sepulveda launched as a #1 New Release in the Football Biography Category in July of 2020.

Self Help Author Chris Edwards, does it again, after the success of his “90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle” he returns penning a step by step playbook, taking you on a journey to transform your life to reconnect with yourself and others to a more positive life. No matter your stage in life, or when you started, this book will provide an education and tools to help you achieve your goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

Edwards’s has mentored 100s of people in his professional career to believe in themselves and live a life of passion and success. In this book, Edwards’ reveals how the smart-phone and apps suck the life around us making us Zombies without us even realizing it. He refers to the history of the technology, its adoption and crafts a plan with you to take back 2 hours of your life daily to reconnect with yourself and those around you.

In these pages, through plain conversational English and inspiring stories.

his book is part 2 in the series that began with “90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle”; a book of affirmations and stories of individuals that overcame drugs, homelessness and incarceration and found a second chance through gainful employment and self love.

This book is part education, part history lesson, part affirmation but all about a path forward to the positive.


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