Taffy & Lucky Penny Day 2019

Happy National Taffy Day…

May 23rd was made for mouth-watering deliciousness. It’s National Taffy Day! Taffy candy has been made and sold for many years and has become a favorite souvenir of many vacationers.

Salt water taffy in was invented 1883 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Taffies are available in many flavors and colors. The most popular are fruit flavors, like banana and lemon, but actually anything can go. Even salt water! But the very first taffies were flavorless. Later molasses and vanilla were added to make candies better. That was the beginning of experiments with different flavors. Color experiments began much later and they were designated to match the flavor of the candies.

Salt water taffy is an interesting candy. Contrary to popular belief, saltwater taffy isn’t made with saltwater, but really contains water and salt. There are many rumors on that how they were created. The most popular legend says, that a candy store on the boardwalk in Atlantic City was flooded during a storm surge and the candies soaked in saltwater. When a little girl came to buy a taffy, the owner said, that she could offer her only salt water taffy. Little girl was delighted with it and bought one. She brought the candy to show her friends. Mother of shop owner heard the conversation and loved the name of the candy. That is how salt water taffy was born.

This confection is made with boiled sugar and butter, water and salt and flavoring that is stretched and pulled until it is a chewy consistency that can be rolled and cut. The flavors range from buttery to tart to sweet. There is something for everyone. Taffy’s colorful displays have tantalized children and adults alike for generations but are most common in old style candy stores and always on beach destination candy shops.

Today is also Lucky Penny Day, Taffy was also one of the penny candies that once could be bought for a cent.

Enjoy some chewy Taffy and have a great day!

Chris Edwards Napa 2019


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