Train Your Confidence: You be you

You’ve heard the saying; be confident but not cocky.

Believe in you, then you will achieve. 

But many of us have self doubts and when we do it can be seen in our eyes, by the shake in the voice or the twitch of our lip. How do we overcome the doubt and gain confidence?

  • Begin by faking it. When you just need some extra pep in your step, pretending you’re more confident than you are can help you slip into that role but how? Begin with putting on your favorite shirt, now detail your hair and look in the mirror and smile at yourself. If you believe you look like success then you become successful.  Always remember if working a room, meeting people or leading a discussion; confidence matters more then, experience and more than skill. People lean into confidence even more so than skill. As if you exude confidence they believe you have the skills and are more forgiving to learn with you along the way.

  • Be positive and upbeat. People lean away from negativity but want to follow the light or the positive energy one extends to them. If you’re already a typically happy person, it may be as simple as repeating some affirmations to get you in the mood or the mindset for the tasks of the day. 

  • Along that path of thinking be grateful. Being grateful when you are job hunting, or in middle or a crises situation may be difficult but finding something to be grateful for helps you center and then think find the balance and produce a plan forward.

  • Find the time to relax. Calm help bring inner peace. Even if the calm is just a few minutes a day. Force yourself to find the time. Unplug from the phone, the TV, the radio and sit in silence. Allow your mind to find that special place of peace, think about your mantra or your special place. Close your eyes and inner peace will come with practice.

  • Own it and be you. Be true to yourself and you be you; going along with what everyone else is doing won’t do anything for your confidence or your journey forward. Only you can determine that but to get there you must know you, be you and own you. Once you follow the steps above and own you, for who you are, the confidence will drip from you.

But remember; confidence is loving yourself and by doing so then allowing you to embrace the diversity and positivity of others around you. 

Chris Edwards Napa 2019

May 2019

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