Apple, Alan Turing & A Gay CEO

Billions of us look at this logo every day but it’s potential origin story is a great reminder of how one man can change the world…

To the naysayers in the world.

One never truly knows the thoughts of another man and rather fact or fictionalization of fact. Based on the dreams of what is best in mankind we can believe the Apple logo has meaning and purpose.

What we do know as truth is Alan Turing was a persecuted gay man in a difficult period to be gay, he did indeed die of cyanide poison under questionable and debated circumstances. He did develop the codes that saved millions yet he was persecuted externally as a gay man and from within. As Fact also we do know that Apple is now headed by a gay CEO and in itself he is that symbol to Alan Turing’s legacy, as the executive in charge of the most valuable company in the world. So maybe in a cosmic way, the “Apple” did not fall far from the tree.

Rather the intent of the Apple logo is as listed in the photo or not but an urban legend, we will never know for sure, as none of us were in the head of the deceased Steve Jobs nor the developers nor the subliminal thoughts behind the creative mind. To many; it is so and brings a smile of hope.

So to any naysayer; allow those that want to see the best in others, believe in what is good and see the best in a world! There is enough negativity and we won’t have it here.

Let’s look for good in each other and In the things around us.

Chris Edwards Napa


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