Six months later…..

Tracy's in Stitches

It has been six months since I last blogged!  My plan was to write about things other than knitting, crochet and needlepoint (which is mostly what I do) while I was sidelined because of arthritis and bone spurs in my thumbs. That certainly didn’t happen.  Although, I have new followers!!  Happy about that and having new followers has motivated me to write again.

Thumbs. I know having thumbs sets us apart from other species but I never realized how much we do depend on them until this.  Both of my thumbs are affected but my left is the worst of the two.  The pain has been incredible.  Lifting has been excruciating. Anything really that involves my thumbs has been super painful.

So far, we’ve done soft splints, cortisone injections, warm compresses and just generally going easy on them and resting them.  The injections worked for a while but now don’t…

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