A Day Of Silence 2021 Stop the Bullying

GLESEN & The Southern Poverty Law Center

On behalf of GLESEN and the SOUTHERN Povery Law Center a messaging on Bullying and a Day of Silence.

“Today is the Day of Silence, an annual day of action to raise awareness of the bullying and harassment that LGBTQ students face at school. Each year since 1996, students across the country have taken a daylong vow of silence in protest of school environments that can be hostile and sometimes deadly for students who identify as part of the LGBTQ community.

Although the Day of Silence has been observed for more than 20 years, the solemn reminder of the routine cruelty that prevents some LGBTQ students from thriving in school is as necessary as ever. This year, more than 100 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation were introduced in 33 states, including bills barring gender-affirming care for trans and nonbinary youth and prohibiting transgender student athletes from playing sports on teams that match their gender identity. This is despite the fact that 67% of Americans oppose such harmful and discriminatory bills.

Legislators’ targeting of LGBTQ students creates an unwelcoming school climate and erodes student success and well-being. But we can fight back against the fear, ignorance and hatred motivating these bills by standing together in silent solidarity.

When today’s vow of silence ends, we hope you’ll raise your voice in support of LGBTQ kids.

We know that LGBTQ-inclusive schools benefit all students. But as lawmakers across the country restrict the rights of trans people, it’s even more critical that we work together to insist on school spaces where all young people can thrive.

The SPLC’s Learning for Justice project has resources to help educators and community members advocate for LGBTQ youth. The guide Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students helps school leaders create a more inclusive learning environment. You can use this guide to review policies at your local school and pass it along to educators so they can break the silence around policies that harm LGBTQ students. When you do, you can also share these resources to help create safer, more inclusive schools for trans youth and educators.

On behalf of The Southern Poverty Law Center


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