Congratulations to the New Owner in Southern New Mexico of Artist Rene Sepulveda’s Newest Root Art Creation – Tree Root Art by Rene Sepulveda

Rootart Root Art – by Fitness Coach & Artist Rene Sepulveda

Root art, tree root art or treeroot art, rootart by Fitness Coach & Artist Rene Sepulveda reaches both above and below ground as deep as they please, roots can symbolize our personal growth.  A recent designed selection was crafted specifically for a home owner in New Mexico and sold for $2250. Congratulations to the new owner of a one of a kind piece of work that arrived and was showcased with a letter of authenticity as unique and one of a kind by Artist Rene Sepulveda of 2nd Life Boutique and Gallery located at the Roadrunner Emporium, 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo New Mexico.

Tree Root Art ROOTART helps to convey themes of security and stability, symbolizing the need to stay grounded so we remain safe.

What is the origin of Root Art?

The root of a plant, of course, is the part that usually grows underground, secures the plant in place, absorbs minerals and water, and stores food manufactured by leaves and other plant parts. Roots grow in a root system and as such can be seen as reaching, thus inspiring and artistic in design.

Native artist, Tibetan artist and few others believe in the essence of the root system, the beauty, and the symbolism  to the complexities of personal growth and being grounded to craft works of natural beauty. 

Art comes from Latin –Artem ‘skill’ that usually refers to the quality or expressions of what is beautiful or of great significance. For instance, the word artefact refers to an object of cultural interest made by a human being.

Thus ROOT ART is the combination of the wood from the natural root system combined with a skilled artists ability to combine color, texture and designs into a masterpiece that is eye catching and alludes to the grace of nature.  

Fitness Coach & Artist; Rene Sepulveda has developed a method of selecting interesting and entertaining root systems, combining them with color, texture, and the elements of nature.

Root art in the garden:

Garden design with unique root art decorations can impress and amaze. Garden design ideas recycling dead tree roots look creative and surprising. Artworks and unusual containers for flowers made of tree roots personalize yard landscaping ideas, bringing a lyrical mood, or stimulating a playful atmosphere in beautiful gardens.

Many works of rootart and some pieces of rootart of Rene Sepulveda have been showcased in print media.

The most famous and largest root garden is located in the UK and is owned by Prince Charles. You can create your own beautiful garden design with root art and decorations to add character, unique shapes and spectacular centerpieces to your fabulous yard landscaping ideas.

Rene Sepulveda’s passion for color, textures and design blended with, an idea of fitness when practical into the design element, is the key to his vision of artistic expression. Fitness equipment and space can be exciting, vibrant and colorful. The integration of color, textures and design into a fit lifestyle of living are important to his creations. 

His designs have been critically acclaimed for their “colorlicious styling.” Some of his artwork and designs are  are showcased at the Second  Life Gallery at Roadrunner Emporium, on New York Avenue in Alamogordo, New Mexico and are available online. 

Rene Sepulveda is credited with starting the “colorlicious styling & textured design’s” trend in home and patio decor.

2nd Life Media also showcases the visual displays and photography of Author & Executive Coach Chris Edwards  

Guest artists and authors showcased include Martin Durand and  Dr. Quynh Tonnu

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