Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day 2021 with renewal & hope…

Thoughts on this MLK Day from myself and Rene Sepulveda… “This MLK Day 2021, is even more important than in past years, as it is on the eve of a historic inauguration. On this day, we as a nation seem more divided than at any time since the days of Dr. King. It is my hope, that we take this day, as a day of reflection on the messaging of Dr. King and in that reflection remember the many things that unite us. Today let’s use his message and his memory as a means of healing and moving us forward toward unity and bury those things that divide us.”

The words of my little brother Steven Edwards… ” Its crazy to think how the works of one man can impact your life and society as a whole. I have friends who have greatly enriched my life that I can say for certain, I wouldn’t have been able to have, if we didn’t live in a world Dr. King helped push forward.Because of the efforts of him and other civil rights leaders, not just black Americans, but ALL Americans, should be thankful for his efforts and sacrifice; as every child in the rainbow, has gained from his message.

I was bummed when Chadwick Boseman died. He was my age and grew up near me. If it hadn’t been for the work of leaders like Dr. King; Boseman, one of my fellow South Carolinians. would have been held back by a system that discriminated against him for about the dumbest of possible reasons…imagine a world where we discriminated because of eye color or hair color or race, and how dumb that would be, and the talent we would all miss out on.

As such, I am grateful for what civil rights leaders such as Dr. King and others like Congressman, John Lewis or Novelist, James Baldwin did and sacrificed for us. As a result of their legacy, some personal friendships and relationships I have will last a lifetime, and for that I am thankful. Our culture as a whole would be so much poorer if guys like Chadwick, Lewis, Baldwin and the celebrated Dr. King didn’t have their opportunity to leave their mark on our world. May the spirit of their legacy endure for generations.”

Authors Chris Edwards & Rene Sepulveda




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