Cholla Cactus Art (Cholla Art)- Cylindropuntia Art by Rene Sepulveda 2nd Life Media & Boutique

Cholla Cactus Art – Cylindropuntia Art

CHOLLA CACTUS ART is crafted from the Cylindropuntia which is a genus that contains species of cacti, commonly referred to as chollas. Cholla cacti belong to the Cactaceae family and can be found in the arid zones and deserts of New Mexico. 

If want to make sure that you’re getting a Cholla cactus, and not an Opuntia one, check its stems. While Opuntia cacti have flattened stems, Chollas have tubular ones. 

Cholla cacti serve as a source of food and water for many desert animals. The fruit of the Jumping Cholla species is edible for bighorn sheep and deers. Moreover, Cholla wood is used for bird perches or in vivariums as a substrate for moss or many air plants. They can reach between 5 and 15 feet (1.5-4.5 m) in height. They have succulent stems that store large amounts of water. These stems are modified branches responsible for the photosynthesis, blooming, and fruit-bearing.

Cholla cactus wood is used as bird perches often, the wood skeleton is highly favored for making handicrafted centerpieces and ornamentation for gardens, back patios and center pieces for great rooms, living rooms and conservatories. Larger pieces are used in public art displays and are highly prized and of great value. No two art pieces are the same.

Former NCAA Award Winning Coach, Fitness Specialist, Author and Artist Rene Sepulveda has embraced his Native American roots in rediscovery of the arts of the natural wonders around him. His reconnection to his ancestorial roots has allowed him to rediscover the use of Cholla Cactus wood art, lava rock and tree roots and to craft them into interesting and colorful works of art that are in heavy demand for the collector of Southwestern natural art. 

Cholla Desert Cactus Art is highly prized as each is unique in design, size and color. No two pieces are alike as each is a combination of the artistic design from Mother Nature pairing her treasures with the creativity of Rene Sepulveda.

Works are commissioned under the 2nd Life Gallery in partnership with Author and collaborator Chris Edwards bringing the beauty of nature online and to fine galleries in the South Western United States and California. 


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