The Invisible Athlete Coach Robert Sepulveda The Early Days Book 1 Window Display and Video

The Invisible Athlete’ a window display merging modern interpretive art with history and sports. Dedicated to the 100s of Alamogordo High School athletes in Cheerleading, Band, Football, Track & Field and Cross Country and inspired by the launch of the bestselling book series Coach Robert Sepulveda The Early Days Book 1 on sale now. Book 2 coming soon.… The history of interscholastic sports, girls athletics via title IX and more. Stories of 100s of athletes, 1000s of records of performance in the series centers around Coach Robert Sepulveda and the many coaches over the decades that have inspired, enlightened and provided hope. Book available in Alamogordo at Roadrunner Emporium 928 New York Avenue Alamogordo New Mexico and other area booksellers. Also available world wide on Amazon in a traditional book format or via your e-reader or on kindle……

The Invisible Athlete Coach Bob Sepulveda Video


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