focus on Coach Robert Sepulveda The Early Days Book Available now


 Resilience, happiness and freedom; that is what I felt when I read,  Coach Robert Louis Sepulveda: The Early Days. During these dark and down days in sports, due to political unrest and the public health issues; this book is a refreshing look at a positive sports history, with detailed research and great inspirational stories of each sports season covered.

A history lesson (with records dating back to the start of interscholastic sports in the early 1900’s), part inspirational story with tales of NFL and Olympic heroes; this book gives us hope for better days ahead by reflecting on an inspirational past.Coach Sepulveda rekindles my  belief in the athletes and the coaches that make up interscholastic sports. Buy this book to learn and to be entertained” – David Andres, Sportsman Continental, North America Bureau 

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