Oldest Companies…

Per Business Insider Iman Ghosh a map shows the oldest companies in the world and still operating.

The oldest company in the world is Kongo Gumi, a temple construction company in Japan that was established in 578 AD and remained a family-run business until it became a subsidiary of another company in 2006.

According to a report published by the Bank of Korea in 2008 that looked at 41 countries, there were 5,586 companies older than 200 years. Of these, 3,146 (56%) are in Japan, 837 (15%) in Germany, 222 (4%) in the Netherlands, and 196 (3%) in France.[1] Of the companies with more than 100 years of history, most of them (89%) employ fewer than 300 people. A nationwide Japanese survey counted more than 21,000 companies older than 100 years as of September 30, 2009.

The oldest existing company on the North American continent is the Mexican Mint , founded in 1534 in Mexico.

Sadly, the oldest surviving company in the United States is Shirley Plantation , founded in 1638. After more than 380 years, the descendants of the founder continue to manage the land and operate the farm. A part of the farm is open to the public, and the old buildings are said to retain the Queen Anne style architecture , which is rare in North America yet still a remembrance of past built on the back of slaves.

Canada’s Hudson’s Bay (founded 1670) was at the helm of the fur trade between European settlers and First Nations tribes—the two parties agreed on beaver pelts as a common, valuable trade standard. Hudson Bay continues today into expanded retail.

A majority of the worlds oldest companies originated in the Far East…

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