If anyone has not seen panels of the National AIDS Quilt or the quilt project documentary

should. It is an important lesson from our past to ensure memories of people and circumstances are never forgotten nor government inaction never repeated.

While we are stunned daily by the politics of Trump and the hatred of the far right; today we must remember an event from the past. 20 years ago the National AIDS Quilt was unfolded in the US capital. That display was the largest display of love and compassion via the arts and personal humanity to ever be displayed. Thousands came out to remember and view the personal stories of AIDS. This was the beginning of a national healing but was also a very political display of the need for compassion and government involvement to help solve a crises. An act of love to drive political civility. Let us remember and never forget the lessons of the past as we move toward the future. Compassion in society and government institutions is what makes us human. Martin Chris Edwards


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