Creativity leads to Positivity

“I’ve always been an optimist and I suppose that is rooted in my belief that the power of creativity and intelligence can make the world a better place.” – Bill Gates

Creativity is an amazing thing. But between the daily hustle and bustle who has time to be creative? The reality is there will always be something to get in the way of creativity. Or will there?

People who regularly practice creativity do so intentionally. They make creativity part of their routine, they regularly find excuses to experiment and play, and they schedule time for reflection, reading and creative thinking.

If there’s no time for creativity, it’s because you haven’t made time for it or time for you to focus on you:

Take time for you…

• Spend 5 minutes to read a quote or inspirational message daily.

• Take 5 minutes to reflect on what you just read.

• Allow 5 minutes for creative thought.

• Write down your creative thoughts and then be brave and act upon them.

If you are having difficulty finding the time to be creative, try to incorporate creativity into your daily tasks.

Today, can you make your work a bit different by changing your routine?

What would happen if you took a different route on your drive today and saw different sites? Would you let your mind wonder?

Force or challenge yourself daily to produce a creative work or thought. Our best thoughts come when we least expect them and help you become the best you. Take time for you, creative thinking leads to positivity. Be the best you, you can be.

Chris Edwards, Napa California

Author of 90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle

For Kindle Version

For Soft Cover Traditional Book Version


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