5 Minutes to Cultivate Calming

One way to cultivate calming is to take a 5 minute mediation break. 

A basic method is to focus your attention on your own breathing: a practice simply called “carefree breathing.” 

After setting aside the 5 minutes, with practice you’ll find it easier to focus attention on your calming in your daily life. 

Calming is an important skill to alleviate anxiety, and negative emotion and to cool yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpens your ability to concentrate.
The most basic way to do carefree breathing is simply to focus your attention on your breath, then inhale and exhale slowly.
Do this for 5 minutes a day a few times a day.  
Doing it while focusing on a calming photo like above or while looking at a beautiful scene in your mind of the ocean, cool breezes and warm sunlight add to the calming.
You can do this while standing, but ideally you’ll be sitting or even lying in a comfortable position. Your eyes may be open or closed. I believe a regular practice of careful breathing and meditation can make it easier to deal with difficult situations.
Breath control is key to calming the mind in a stressful moment, it might help to start by taking an exaggerated breath: a deep inhale through your nostrils (3 seconds), hold your breath (2 seconds), and a long exhale through your mouth (4 seconds). Maintain a relaxed breathing pattern.
Now as you you are calming, you might notice that your mind may start to wander. You may start thinking about other things. It’s very natural. Just notice that your mind has wandered. Gently, redirect your attention right back to the calm breathing the relaxing picture before you or a part of your safe spot in your mind. 
After a few minutes, notice your body, your whole body and sense and embrace your new calming.
Let yourself relax even more deeply and then offer yourself some appreciation for doing this practice today and get on with the day in a new more positive state of mind.
Chris Edwards, Napa California 
Author of 90 Days to a Glass Half Full Lifestyle 

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