90 Days To A Glass Half Full Lifestyle Book Pre-release

Now available on Amazon Napa Valley Author Chris Edwards new book is offered unedited pre-release for 1 week only. Grab your copy before release, media buzz and at the discounted pre-release price of $5.99


Excerpt: “The power of positive affirmations are key to building ones self esteem and self love. Being exposed to individuals with a significantly complex or complicated histories: I came to learn and appreciate the power or words, quotes, self esteem and growth. I made a midlife mistake that ended up putting me onto path or journey of learning. That mistake detoured my life and life experiences but in the end it led me to a path of meeting some amazing women and personally growing along the way.”

“This book is my journal of affirmations or quotes that were a part of the path we took together. I hope our story and the thoughts, quotes or affirmations to follow help the reader in their journey forward to a path of a life with a glass half full.”

#90dayshalffull #90daystoaglasshalffulllifestyle


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