2018 Election Day of The Woman

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

Susan B. Anthony

To my many gentlewomen, matrons, noblewomen, princes and queens that are a part of my network; Tuesday November 6th 2018 could very well be the political “day of the woman.”

Remember voting rights history; 1920, 1952, 1957 and 1965 are significant in the journey for a voice.

In 1881, the Isle of Man, a British Crown Dependency was the first government which gave women who owned property the right to vote.

In 1893, the British colony of New Zealand granted women the right to vote.

That right was not fully granted to all women no matter race or creed in the US until 1965.

In this modern age, especially in rural and poor America, with burdens of children and childcare or the economics of a single adult homes and balancing time; roadblocks to voting occur.

Don’t take the right for granted, use it wisely!

Even today in our modern world of mass communications and interconnected high technological wonders, it was not until December 2015 that women were first allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia and limited to municipal elections. Don’t take for granted what other women yearn for as privilege.

Use that power that you hold and use it wisely. You make a difference if you participate.

Chris Edwards Napa



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