Amazon unveils Alexa for kids are we ready for this?

Amazon unveils Alexa for kids are we ready for this?

On May 9, Amazon will release the Echo Dot Kids Edition — which is, as it sounds, a child-friendly version of its popular voice assistant, Alexa.

The hardware itself looks almost identical, save for a protective case and beefed-up warranty. But, the software comes with additional features, like more forgiving recognition of its name for kids who can’t pronounce ‘Alexa’ yet, plus parental controls to turn off swearing and monitor usage.

The way this version of Alexa interacts with kids is different, too According to Buzzfeed News, Alexa will reward kids for good manners (like saying “please”).

It will also temper its response to sensitive questions like “Where do babies come from?” (A: “People make people.”) and “Why are kids mean to me?” (A: “People bully, or are mean, for many different reasons. Bullying feels bad and is never OK.”)

Imagine kids after picturing years in a house with Alexa guiding their development as the parents continue to ignore their children. We have an interesting future ahead of us…

Chris Edwards Napa April 29 2018


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