Conscious Consumption: Secondhand Shopping For The Holidays

Beyond the human damage that an economy of “Buy the latest trend for cheap, then throw away and move on to the next thing” creates, there are also vast ecological ramifications. The fashion industry is actually the second-largest polluter in the world. While we can protest the appalling work conditions of the sweatshop workers and the companies that hire them, the truth is that the battle needs to start at the end of the chain. It needs to start with us and Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday we can make a difference.

Shop responsibly in your cities Second Hand Stores. Locally the many Goodwill locations throughout the Bay Area offer a responsible alternative. Selections of clothes and other unique products provide opportunities to find unique treasures that would otherwise be bound to landfill and provide employment opportunities for individuals getting a second chance in life many from varied backgrounds or life conditions.

Second use products are environmentally correct purchases. By wearing secondhand clothing from a thrift store like Goodwill of the Greater East Bay not only are you leaving less of a carbon footprint, but also — bonus! — you are contributing to a small business or charity. In the Goodwill of the Greater East Bay’s case they will place 2500 people into jobs this year vía programs at their stores, support staff for the Oakland Federal Building, jobs within the Alameda Naval Base And having placed hundreds into jobs with Amazon and other large retailers. A purchase from Goodwill of the Greater East Bay provides opportunities for those on the rebound or with low job skills to learn skills and become an employable contributor to society.

So this weekend as you shop consider shopping responsibly and in second hand products that improve the carbon footprint plus help those at risk individuals receive a second chance.

Shop responsibly, shop Goodwill.

Chris Edward Napa Black Friday 2017


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