DACA Participants Are From 192 Countries

Some interesting DACA data. The Administration has plugged the safety of America to a wall on our southern border and now the removal of Children raised from a young age in the US. It has been implied as Mexican intent, however, upon closer look via Brookings Institute Data on DACA 25.1% of the removals or approximately 231,000 students would be Asians, Europeans, Africans and those of Central & South America.

The Brookings FOIA data show that DACA applicants were born in 192 countries, and that there are 25 countries with at least 1,000 applicants who together accounted for over 96 percent of all applicants. 49% are Female, 51% Male.

In total, 74.9 percent of the initial applicants were born in Mexico that number has dropped to 71% more recently, followed by El Salvador (4.0 percent), Honduras (2.7 percent), Guatemala (2.5 percent), South Korea (1.5 percent), Peru (1.4 percent), Brazil (1.2 percent), Colombia (1.1 percent), Ecuador (1.0) and Philippines (0.7).

The distribution of DACA applicants by state mirrors settlement patterns of all immigrants; applicants from East Coast states come from a more diverse set of origin countries whereas western states and southern border states tend to lean heavily toward Mexican born participation.

California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida have the most DACA participants.

Many Americans would be surprised to learn only 6 percent of Massachusetts participants hailed from Mexico, and no more than 25 percent of Virginia, Maryland and New York applicants were from Mexico. In those states 75% of the young people are participating from countries other than Mexico, so those students sway more heavily as Asian, African, Caribbean and South American as well as European.

So the point being these potential removals of students are not limited to just those south of the Rio Grande. The potential removals include many others of varied origins.

So I’d encourage when you look at your sons or daughters friends and classmates; rather they be Asian, Hispanic, African or European they may potentially have been a DACA participant and you never knew due to broad perceptions being perpetuated by the administration in power.

Think people! This closed border policy is not how our founding fathers dreamed of their nation evolving.

Chris Edwards Napa August 5, 2017


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