The real Gender Issue in College “secondary sports” – gymnastics, track and field facing cuts amid pandemic under the guise of Title IX Compliance – A commentary by Author & Political Consultant Chris Edwards

The right wing fringe is raising alarms questioning the Gender Equity bill that just passed the house and is on the way to the Senate. To our friends on the extreme right fringe, watch this report from 60 Minutes linked. Watch, pay closest attention to the last 8 minutes on how programs are sacrificed to keep Football alive using Title IX as a shield.

Congressman Mike Thompson of my California District and Congresswoman Rep. Yvette Herrell of my New Mexico district of which I am deeply imbedded in each, why don’t you find areas of compromise and address this issue, the real gender Title IX issue.

Instead of questioning the Gender Equity bill to my friends on the extreme Right Fringe, watch this report and watch, pay closest attention to the last 8 minutes on how programs are sacrificed to keep Football alive using Title IX as a shield. Congressman Mike Thompson, Congresswoman Rep. Yvette Herrell why don’t you find areas of compromise and address this issue, a real gender issue.

The long term impact of our present course is, colleges will continue with Football but we will no longer as a nation be competitive the Olympics. Where is the national pride all sports are equal and all genders men and women should have equal access?

The #1 minority participation sport for men and women is track and field and Cross Country per the NCAA. The graduation rate of those diverse athletes with higher rates of POC than other sports are higher (over 80% track, cross country over 90%) for those sports than Football (graduation rates 52%). However those programs such as Clemson are cut under the guise of funding and Title IX compliance.

The education problem and football:

In Minnesota the programs cut saved the university $1.2 Million however the Football coaches salary is $4 Million. Is the football coach of value greater than the 5 cut sports in a university environment, a institution of higher learning? Hmmm.

The University of New Mexico cut the men’s soccer a few years ago, though Albuquerque hosts a professional team. UNM used title IX as the shield in debate to protect football which in NM is a money looser but a center of pride. The priority of secondary education and the partnership of sports is education, isn’t it? Isn’t the product of the institution supposed to be a well rounded student that graduates?

As congress people, Yvette and Mike, craft a bi-partisan committee for review and seek solutions to this issue. Do you have the commitment to bipartisan leadership?

The long term impact is colleges will continue with Football but we will no longer as a nation be competitive the Olympics. Where is the national pride all sports are equal? 

The #1 minority participation sport for men and women is track and field and Cross Country. The graduation rate of those diverse athletes with higher rates of POC than other sports are higher (over 82%  track, cross country over 90%) for those sports. For Football (graduation rates are as low as 38% at some colleges). However track and field programs are cut such as the recent cut at Clemson under the guise of funding and Title IX compliance.  

“The global pandemic has further exposed disparities in our world that have existed for years,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, shared with me. “That includes the unfortunate gap in academic achievement and sustainability among our student-athletes. … Student-athletes must succeed as STUDENTS, not just as athletes. Since less than 2% of these gifted young people will ever make it to the professional ranks, we must prepare them for success both on and off the field. The message needs to be sent to our collegiate leadership letting them know that Black EDUCATION Matters.” Article by Richard Lapchick ESPN, Dec 23, 2020

Minority graduation rates of athletes are dropping and as the opportunities in a variety of sports are cut. The graduation rates in football run as low as 38% in some colleges to an average 72% of recent. However in the more diverse sports of Track and Field and Cross Country the graduation rates run in the 90% range on average. Athletics departments pad the overall graduation rate with those athletes rather than admit the issues with football graduation rates.

The university systems in the post Covid-19 world are going to be under even greater financial pressure. As leaders let’s cut the misinformation on gender issues and get to the real facts and review the real issues around Title IX and its abuses.

As congress people Yvette and Mike, craft a bi-partisan committee for review and seek solutions to this issue. Do you have the commitment to bipartisan leadership?

Author & Political Consultant Chris Edwards is the Author of Coach Bob Sepulveda The Early Days Series. A three book series on the history of interscholastic sports, Title IX and the impact of sports from New Mexico and beyond. Available on Amazon and better independent book stores in the US:

2nd Life Boutique Artist Rene Sepulveda Introduces his Valley of the Fires Sculpture Collection

The Valley of The Fires Collection – Volcanic Lava Stone, Wood & Metal Sculptured Art by New Mexico Artist Rene Sepulveda on exhibition at the 2nd Life Boutique of Roadrunner Emporium, 928 New York Avenue Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Approximately 5,000 years ago, Little Black Peak located in Southern New Mexico erupted and flowed 44 miles into the Tularosa Basin, filling the basin with molten rock. The resulting lava flow is four to six miles wide, 160 feet thick and covers 125 square miles.

From a distance, the region appears as barren rock but when you visit the nature trails there are many varieties of flowers, cactus, trees, and bushes typical of the Chihuahuan desert. Animals include a variety of desert ants, bugs, bats, roadrunners, quail, cottontails, mule deer, barberry sheep, lizards, great horned owls, burrowing owls, turkey vultures, hawks, gnat catchers, cactus wrens, sparrows, and golden eagles and more.
This collection of sculptured works crafted by Artist Rene Sepulveda is a tribute to the wildlife, flowers, cactus, and beauty of the region, crafted from recycled lava, woods and metals found from the Tularosa Basin and Sacramento Basin. The molten lava rock is repurposed rock pulled from abandoned homes and abandoned locations; repurposed into a “second life” as an “artistic sculptured art piece” to bring joy and value to the owner of each unique piece.
Artist Rene Sepulveda was introduced to the beauty of natural lava mixed with metal and wooden elements, during his childhood visits to the home of Mr. and Ms. Pack, of Alamogordo, whose exclusive estate was custom built and designed to showcase these unique local elements.

Years later Rene Sepulveda has designed this collection of natural sculptures in memory of their inspiration. Each is distinctly different as no two pieces of lava rock are the same. Each is cleaned, treated, sealed, and enhanced to preserve that natural elements of the artistic creation for generations of enjoyment.

Each comes with a letter of authenticity signed by the artist and each piece of art is marked with an identifier of its origin from the artist, Rene Sepulveda.

2nd Life Media and Boutique under the direction of Author, Artistic Director & Executive Coach, Chris Edwards is honored to be implementing the artistic vision of the Artist Rene Sepulveda and his Valley of the Fires Sculptured Arts Collection and that of our collective of artists and vendors showcased at Roadrunner Emporium and partner galleries.
View the collection in person at Roadrunner Emporium, 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico.

This unique collection of Rene Sepulveda crafted designs may be seen in person or they may be purchased online at

Post Incarceration-Government Endorsed Institutional Barriers to Success

Post incarceration so many struggle as so many businesses won’t hire individuals post incarceration. The reality is for most if given a change they are the best and most loyal team members. The story below is a success story. The barriers to re-entry laws and licensing laws that won’t license an ex-felon even for jobs like nail salons, massage, cosmetology etc need to be removed as barriers. Once the felon has been released from incarceration he/she has paid their debt to society there should not be long term punitive retribution. If you want to cut poverty, homelessness and crime then cut the barriers to re-entry.

Learn more in Removing Barriers to State Occupational Licenses To Enhance Entrepreneurial Job Growth:: Out of Prison, Out of Work

#society#change #2ndLifeMedia#justice #AuthorChrisEdwards #RetakeRepublicanism California State University, Long Beach218,844 followers2d • 2 days ago

In a social media post, Joseph Valadez said he was incarcerated for half of his adult life but persevered and went on to graduate from CSULB. As a university, we’re proud to support students from all backgrounds, and we’re always inspired by student success.

Thank you for sharing your story, Joseph!


Photos by: CSULB student Miguel De La Rosa in linked story

Read Joseph’s full post from Facebook below:

“They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” I’m here to debunk that stigma.
I finished my last two semesters at Long Beach on the “President’s Honor List” for making straight A’s.
Was also on the Dean’s List with a GPA of 3.67
Not bad for someone who spent half his adult life in prison. There’s a misconception about guys like me that I want to break. If I can do it, anyone can.
Right now I’m waiting to see if I get accepted to the Masters Program MSW at Long Beach. Please wish me luck.
Photos were taken by a student photographer at the campus.”

Commentary by Author Chris Edwards – Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy of Hate-“AIDS Update”

Note below is a political commentary that may not be popular to some. As a matter of societal decency we general stay away from talking ill of the dead. But this exception is very personal to this author and political consultant thus the commentary are the exclusive thoughts of Author Chris Edwards and do not reflect the thoughts or ideas of any client, business or other associated person.

I’ll add some perspective to this post as it has offended some…

Many of us who lost hundreds of friends and business associates, creative souls in the arts, on Broadway via the movies, health care workers and others through the AIDS crises remember, vividly, his radio shows and gleeful daily regurgitation at the misery the LBGTQ & community of color was suffering at the height if the AIDS pandemic. He used to read the names of individuals that died of AIDS and blow celebratory whistles. 

You can fact check me as I post commentary that is based on facts. Iowa’s Cedar Gazette reported in 1990 that Limbaugh’s “AIDS Update,” a recurring segment in which he made jokes about a disease that had killed more than 100,000 people in the United States the previous decade, started by playing songs such as “Back in the Saddle Again,” “Kiss Him Goodbye,” “I Know I’ll Never Love This Way Again,” and “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” 

The “Aids Update” segment was featured multiple times during the Reagan presidency by Mr. Limbaugh. 

Vivid was his tirades of calling it G-d’s retribution, and urging the quarantining of Gay, hemophiliac children and suggesting men of color and woman of color engaged in behaviors they brought the wrath of God down on them and they got what they deserved. I used to listen to his show and heard it first hand and never can forget nor forgive. While certainly not his only hateful and disgusting commentary over the years, he is at least as culpable as the extremist that invaded the capital and others in leadership and the airways for the divisive state we find ourselves in today. 

He was to the point of being gross and disturbing but that didn’t stop him from airing other homophobic content. Limbaugh, for instance, had another segment that used former Congressman Barney Frank, a prominent gay politician, as fodder. That segment featured the song “My Boy Lollipop” as slurping sounds played in the background. Limbaugh also spread the unfounded claim that gay men practiced “gerbilling” (you can read more about the unfounded urban legend here) and once said, according to James Retter’s book “The Anatomy of a Scandal,” that gay men “deserved their fate.”

He did not deserve the Medal of Honor, and presenting him with it tarnished the award forever. 

He was an awful human being, and the world is a better place without him in it. 

I wish for him every sentiment that he extolled on the victims of AIDS, x 2.

So some of you may be disturbed by most post. I’m more disturbed that you would show empathy for this behavior in a bigoted individual that has harmed our democracy by the extremist antics he espoused. Further he damaged the Republican Party and began its slide that led to the Trumpian rise of indoctrination of ignorance over science.


Congratulations to the New Owner in Southern New Mexico of Artist Rene Sepulveda’s Newest Root Art Creation – Tree Root Art by Rene Sepulveda

Rootart Root Art – by Fitness Coach & Artist Rene Sepulveda

Root art, tree root art or treeroot art, rootart by Fitness Coach & Artist Rene Sepulveda reaches both above and below ground as deep as they please, roots can symbolize our personal growth.  A recent designed selection was crafted specifically for a home owner in New Mexico and sold for $2250. Congratulations to the new owner of a one of a kind piece of work that arrived and was showcased with a letter of authenticity as unique and one of a kind by Artist Rene Sepulveda of 2nd Life Boutique and Gallery located at the Roadrunner Emporium, 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo New Mexico.

Tree Root Art ROOTART helps to convey themes of security and stability, symbolizing the need to stay grounded so we remain safe.

What is the origin of Root Art?

The root of a plant, of course, is the part that usually grows underground, secures the plant in place, absorbs minerals and water, and stores food manufactured by leaves and other plant parts. Roots grow in a root system and as such can be seen as reaching, thus inspiring and artistic in design.

Native artist, Tibetan artist and few others believe in the essence of the root system, the beauty, and the symbolism  to the complexities of personal growth and being grounded to craft works of natural beauty. 

Art comes from Latin –Artem ‘skill’ that usually refers to the quality or expressions of what is beautiful or of great significance. For instance, the word artefact refers to an object of cultural interest made by a human being.

Thus ROOT ART is the combination of the wood from the natural root system combined with a skilled artists ability to combine color, texture and designs into a masterpiece that is eye catching and alludes to the grace of nature.  

Fitness Coach & Artist; Rene Sepulveda has developed a method of selecting interesting and entertaining root systems, combining them with color, texture, and the elements of nature.

Root art in the garden:

Garden design with unique root art decorations can impress and amaze. Garden design ideas recycling dead tree roots look creative and surprising. Artworks and unusual containers for flowers made of tree roots personalize yard landscaping ideas, bringing a lyrical mood, or stimulating a playful atmosphere in beautiful gardens.

Many works of rootart and some pieces of rootart of Rene Sepulveda have been showcased in print media.

The most famous and largest root garden is located in the UK and is owned by Prince Charles. You can create your own beautiful garden design with root art and decorations to add character, unique shapes and spectacular centerpieces to your fabulous yard landscaping ideas.

Rene Sepulveda’s passion for color, textures and design blended with, an idea of fitness when practical into the design element, is the key to his vision of artistic expression. Fitness equipment and space can be exciting, vibrant and colorful. The integration of color, textures and design into a fit lifestyle of living are important to his creations. 

His designs have been critically acclaimed for their “colorlicious styling.” Some of his artwork and designs are  are showcased at the Second  Life Gallery at Roadrunner Emporium, on New York Avenue in Alamogordo, New Mexico and are available online. 

Rene Sepulveda is credited with starting the “colorlicious styling & textured design’s” trend in home and patio decor.

2nd Life Media also showcases the visual displays and photography of Author & Executive Coach Chris Edwards  

Guest artists and authors showcased include Martin Durand and  Dr. Quynh Tonnu

Visit us online at

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Small Town Republicanism Highjacked – Take Back Republicanism – a Commentary by Bay Area Author & Political Strategist: Chris Edwards

As Published in The Napa Valley Register 2/9/2021

“That’s another one of those Clinton murders,” Ms. Greene said, referring to John F. Kennedy Jr.’s death in a 1999 plane crash, suggesting that he had been assassinated because he was a potential rival to Hillary Clinton for a New York Senate seat.

Ms. Greene casually unfurled the cascade of dangerous untrue conspiracy theories in a video that was originally posted to YouTube in 2018. It provides a window into the warped worldview amplified by the freshman Republican congresswoman from Georgia…a conservative provocateur who has proudly brought the hard-right fringe to the Capitol…

The excerpt in The New York Times 1/29/2021, would normally seem foreign to Napa, sadly that is no longer the case.

What is the case, is these fringe conspiracy minded individuals are now out and proud. One outcome of Doris Gentry ‘s poorly executed run for mayor, is elements of the fringe backed her- out, loud and exposed themselves.

These individuals moved to the mainstream and highjacked Doris Gentry’s campaign messaging, with her blessing, until caught. She backpaddled and claimed, “not to have them in her rolodex,” yet she continues down the path with them looking like a fool in their grips, hook, line, and sinker.  Even after a resounding loss, she still propagates their messaging in social media with a recent homophobic post on Facebook. She posted on the now defunct Parlor, without remorse.

A former grand jury member, a restaurant owner and doll maker, a former homeland security employee and members of the right wing religious community all embraced her campaign, high jacked its messaging; and under its auspice brought the Proud Boys, Walk Away and extremists into the mainstream of Napa.

The Napa County GOP under the leadership of Chairman, Larry Green invited the public, “To See What The GOP Is All About” as reported in the Napa Register 6/13/2019 and hear Walk Away founder, Brandon Straka, spew propaganda. Since then Straka was arrested in connection with the Capitol assault. Indeed, this did prove what the, present, Napa GOP, is all about! It continued to support Doris Gentry after the revelations of her resume embellishments and the fact her Chocolate and Wine Charity Fundraiser only netted a profit of less than $200.00 on $56,000.00 raised. The GOP leaders doubled down – its leaders via social media posts and comments, attacked people that exposed Doris.

Doris launched her campaign with Ben Bergquam trying to legitimize their movement locally, all the while the press identified him as a Proud Boy. His Napa debut was at the launch fundraiser for Doris Gentry, as seen in multiple videos. This fine “patriot” was, also arrested, for harassment and trespassing on government property in Sacramento per The Hill 1-31-19.

The GOP party leadership still has not distanced itself from these extremists. It is being used as a platform of hate, and it’s time that the silent majority of rational, educated Republicans, take the party back.

Many within the communities of people of color and the LBGTQ community have witnessed this thuggery in Napa for decades only to be  told; “oh,  you are exaggerating, that is old Napa from decades ago, every city has issues, that’s not my Napa.

Well, the dirty little secret is, this is “our Napa” of the past and continues in the present. It has been swept under the carpet for too long.

Now we make the national headlines with Ian Benjamin Rogers arrest for bombs, machine guns and The LA Times Reports 1-28-21; “ A suspected far-right extremist and radicalized supporter of former President Trump facing federal explosives charges may have been targeting California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Bay Area headquarters of social media giants Twitter and Facebook, according to the FBI.”

This has got to stop; here, now, and today. The centrist of both parties need to purge radicalized individuals from their rolls.

The Republican party needs to take a hard look at itself. It was once a party of law and order, fiscal responsibility, constitutional principles, and patriotism. The party used to support the constitution. It once led, as an example, of constructive compromise, under constitutional and logical science based debate. Not any longer. It has been highjacked by radicalized, false, and conspiratorial ideology; that is self-serving, and does not represent constitutional law nor the views of the SILENT MAJORITY.

Until the Republican party can take a self-inventory, purge itself of this contagion and re-establish itself to its founding principles; it will decay upon itself, as a failed cause.

Today, the leaders of the Republican Party of Napa County need to stand up and retake true Republicanism, or the Central Committee and its leaders should be recalled, as should any Republican elected official that continues down these rabbit holes of conspiratorial fraud they are perpetuating onto this nation.

Remembering – International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

Eight decades after the Holocaust began, people worldwide pause on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz to honor the memory of Europe’s Jews, LTBGTQ individuals, gypsies and those who were disabled among those who were targeted for annihilation. During this ceremony, leaders from the United States and abroad will join Holocaust survivors in conveying the urgent responsibility we all share to protect the lessons and legacy of this history and to defend the truth—now more than ever.

If you have not done so it should be required for all students and adults to visit the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC either in person or at a minimum virtually. The lessons are as relevant today as they were the many decades before. to learn more


We will never forget!

Remembering the Challenger 35 years later – Author Chris Edwards

The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was a fatal incident in the United States’ space program that occurred on January 28, 1986, when the Space Shuttle Challenger (OV-099) broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members aboard. The crew consisted of five NASA astronauts, and two payload specialists. The mission carried the designation STS-51-L and was the tenth flight for the Challenger orbiter. The Challenger disaster should best be remembered for the sacrifice of seven astronauts who died in the accident-  Judith ResnikDick Scobee, Capt. Michael J. SmithEllison Onizuka,  Ronald McNairChrista McAuliffe, and Gregory Jarvis.

But for those currently in leadership positions, it should also be remembered as a colossal failure of process – a process designed by the best and the brightest. By the people who sent men to the moon. That was a sobering thought on January 28, 1986, and it remains so today.

The space shuttle Challenger disaster remains one of the most evocative events of the American 20th Century—and for more than just the obvious reasons.

Certainly, the 35th anniversary of this tragedy returns to mind a multitude of images, memories and emotions that prompt pause. But it also reminds us of the crucial importance of informed decision making and risk oversight which are as relevant today as they were on January 28, 1986.

As some will remember, the specific, highly technical cause of the Challenger accident was the notorious “O-Ring”; i.e. the failure of the pressure seal in the aft field joint of the right solid rocket motor. The failure was due to a faulty design unacceptably sensitive to a number of factors, including the effects of cold temperature (launchpad temperature was 36 degrees on January 28).

But more important to remember is the decidedly non-technical contributing cause: the multiple risk management errors that fatally flawed the Challenger launch decision. As documented by the presidential review commission, these were not errors arising from system complexities, but rather from the erosion of once-effective and redundant safety protocols. 

Space, space exploration and the benefits are not without risk. The risk is worth the reward however we should never sacrifice safety protocols and redundancy further the governments legislative branch has a responsibility of checks and balances in oversight to ensure safety is in place, contracts are not awarded unfairly and the value to the American people in life and treasure is never taken for granted.

Our hearts continue to bleed for the errors of that fateful day but our quest for what is out there amongst the stars should always continue…

Space Shuttle Challenger lifts off – January 26, 1986